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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LASTIKMAN (2007 TV series)


Creator: Mars Ravelo
1st Appearance: Lastik Man Vol. 1 Aliwan Komiks #60 (February 1, 1965)

Superhero Name: Lastikman
Character Type: Superhero
Species: Alien (Mars Ravelo version), Harraian-Earthling hybrid (2007 ABS-CBN TV series)

Real Name: Eskappar
AKA Miguel Asis (human name)

Aliases: Migz
Date of Birth: unknown


elasticity (can stretch and distort his body like rubber)
shape shifter (reshapes himself or any body part into any form)
mimicry (camouflage/can appear similar to its surroundings)
invulnerability (impenetrability/immune to gunfire)
healing (regeneration/supernatural ability to heal itself)

Lastikman uses his elastic ability to transform any part of his body into a weapon during battle.

Father: Irroian (alien from Harraio/Harraian race), Carlos "Caloy" Asis (foster father on Earth)
Mother: Ruth Abelgas/Cynthia "Cindy" Evilone (human biological mother)
Other Relatives: Pablo (grandfather); Remedios (mother, deceased)

Love interest: Yellena White

Teams/Allies: Sanlakas or One Power (together with Kapitan Boom, Varga, Tiny Tony, Dragonna & Flash Bomba)
Friends: Chikoy Gipit, Sandy/Cassandra Evilone, Kenneth "Ken" Madrigal
Enemies: Elemento (aka Agaddon/Jared Evilone), Mothra, Beautiki/Byutiki, Alingasaw, Morphino, Lagablab and his assassins, Frosta

Lastikman/Larry (2003 movie), Lastikman/Adrian (2004 movie)


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