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Monday, January 5, 2009



Creator: Mars Ravelo
1st Appearance: Bulaklak Magazine, Volume 4, #17, on July 23, 1947

Superhero Name: Darna
Character Type: Superheroine (Mars Ravelo version), Adarna Warrior (Adranika in Mango Comics)
Species: Human (Mars Ravelo version); Adranika race; half-human, half-Anomalkan (2005 GMA Network TV series)

Real Name: Narda
AKA Varga

Aliases: Mighty Warrior of Marte; Warrior of Light; Daria, Varga

Date of Birth: unknown

superhuman strength
flight ability
force field
vision powers (plus heat vision)


  • magic white stone with "Darna" inscription - swallowing the meteorite pebble and shouting Darna's name transforms any person, like Narda (the medium), to Darna (the warrior)
  • winged medallion on helmet - emits a powerful "concussion ray"
  • medallions on belt - supplemental weapons for throwing (like shuriken)
  • bracelets - deflect bullets

Father: Anomalkan humanoid, Mulong (foster father)
Mother: Prospera (biological mother), Ising (foster mother)
Other Relatives: Ding (brother), Isabel (grandmother); Valentina (twin/cousin), Iking (adopted brother), Lenlen (adopted sister)

Love Interest: Efren

Teams/Allies: Captain Barbell, Dyesebel, Wonderkids (Iking and Lenlen)
Friends: Iking, Lenlen
Enemies: Valentina/Ava, Braguda, Nosferamus, Black Darna, Mambabarang, Sulfura, Dr. Zombie, Molecula, Toy Master, Divina Demonica, Manananggal, Divas Impaktitas, Babaeng Tuod, Babaeng Impakta and Babaeng Lobo

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